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  • How much does the toy cost?
    Pit-Ball's range in price from $5.00 to $25.00 depending on which size meets your dogs requirements.
  • How does the Pit-Ball help you?
    Is your dog tearing up your home? Does your dog have bad breath? Does your dog seem lethargic or depressed? Are you worried about the quality and/or safety of your dog? Pit-Ball solves all of these issues and more.
  • What does the toy do?
    The Pit-Ball offers up a varity of choices. The first is a multi purpose exersise toy made for both physical and mental stimulation. Our toy is easy to throw with an unexepected bounce on landing to give your pup a little extra suprise. Pit-Ball is also packed full of different compartments to store treats for unsupervised fun. Pit-Ball's offers dental services with its state of the art teeth rigids located around the exterior of the toy.
  • How is Pit-Ball different than other brands, such as Kong or Jolly Ball?"
    The functionalites of the Pit-Ball go light years beyond that of our competators. 1. Pit-Ball offers play time in any location (lake, yard, indoors etc.) for portion of the price the competitors are charging. 2. Pit-Ball is made from 100% recyclable/pet SAFE materials to ensure that both the planet and your dog stay healthy. 3. Our 100% return policy, within the first 3 month after purchase if the Pit-Ball is compromised return it to us and we will send you another for free, and the shipping is on us. 4. All profits recieved from the sales regardin the Pit-Ball will be used to donate Pit-Balls to those dogs in need.
SNAP DB Brochure 2022.png

If you are an EBT card holder you may use your card at the Market to buy local, fresh produce!

Ask about the SNAP Double Bucks matching program. We match your EBT card purchase up to $50 per market day so you can get the most bang for your buck!  Find a volunteer at the red market info tent for more info. If you have questions, email the Market Manager.

  1. Simply come to the Market tent during operating hours. You’ll recognize the Market tent because you’ll see our Market signs, volunteers, t-shirts, handouts and more. It’s like our information station. Friendly, smiling faces will greet you.

  2. We work on a token system, so for example, you may purchase $25 in tokens, which we will charge to your card. In return, we will give you 50 – $1 tokens that you may use at all of the food (SNAP eligible) vendor tents. You don’t get change back with your tokens, but most vendors will round down to the nearest dollar.

  3. The Davidson Farmers Market is happy to offer Market Double Bucks for EBT shoppers. We will match your EBT purchase dollar for dollar up to $50 per market day so be sure to ask about this benefit!

  4. You don’t have to use all of your tokens on the same day you purchase them. You may save them and come back another Saturday.

  5. You may buy more tokens if you need more! Multiple transactions may be made in one day.

  6. We are here to help you. If you are a new DFM customer and need a tour of the Market, we will gladly do this.!

Local Resources
What are the benefits to eating foods in season?

When you eat ‘in season’ you are putting the most fresh; most flavorful; and most nutritious foods into your body. So while you are taking good care of yourself, you also are helping to support local agriculture and preserve regional farmland. 

To find out more about what's in season and when, click on the What's In-Season? image to find out. 

Pet Policy
We love our furry friends …

Our Farmers’ Market is crowded with customers and products and we want our two-legged and four-legged visitors to have a safe, clean and enjoyable experience. For the safety and comfort of all our friends, we ask that you please leave your pets at home, or walk them in an area away from the market. Thank you so much for your understanding.

Market Map
2024 Prime Season Map - June 15.png

2024 Prime Market Map

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