Farmers Market Science Corner: Weekly Update

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June’s Full Moon, the lowest of the year, is known at the “Strawberry Moon.” Named by Native American tribes, the Moon was used to signify the harvest for strawberries. Other common names include the “Rose Moon” The Moon is also known in Europe as the “Rose Moon” and “Honey Moon” after its “amber” appearance.

Also exciting news — this month’s full moon will hover next to the planet Saturn. This Friday morning, use the full moon as a guide to point your eyes (or telescope) towards the rings of the planet Saturn!

Catch this cosmic treat in the sky Friday, June 9, at 9:10 AM EDT when the moon is at its fullest phase.

You can use this Moon calculator to search for the Moonrise and Moonset near you:

Here are a couple fun ways to celebrate this exciting natural phenomenon:

  1. Last Saturday, the Farmer’s Market Chef Demo was hosted by Heirloom Restaurant’s Chef Clark Barlowe. This Friday from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT, in celebration of the Farmer’s Almanac Strawberry Moon, Heirloom Restaurant will host seasonal canapes and a 5 course tasting menu from Chef Barlowe. Tickets per individual cost 50$. You can purchase tickets and take a look at the 5-course menu HERE!

2. Buy some delicious, fresh strawberries from the Davidson Farmer’s Market vendors this Saturday, June 10th from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM.


Posted by Emily