Growing Kid’s Club: Weekly Update

Hello Everyone!

FOOD: The Growing Kid’s Club’s second appearance at the Davidson Farmer’s Market was successful again with its new featured-food-curriculum. This past Saturday, the Club’s featured food was “berries.” Our vendor Twin Oak provided strawberries (the last strawberry pickings of the season) and Peaches & Cream provided blackberries for deliciously sweet taste testers.

CRAFT: Club-attendees at the Market this week had the opportunity to paint rocks (to look like their favorite berries, of course)!

RECIPES: Click HERE for this week’s Lil’ Chef family fun recipes – Strawberry Chia Fruit Leather, Frozen Yogurt Raspberries, and Blueberry Froyo Bites. Happy cooking!

*Look for the Growing Kid’s Club booth this Saturday from 8-Noon at the Davidson Farmer’s Market for the next featured food: herbs!

Photos courtesy of Emily 

For those who are curious – here is the mission of the Market’s Growing Kid’s Club:

MISSION: The Growing Kid’s Club at the Davidson Farmer’s Market aims to highlight and introduce the foods offered by our vendors to young children at the Market. The Club incorporates hands on learning with a weekly craft to educate and introduce children to healthy food options. Club leaders firmly believe children learn best by touching, tasting, manipulating, “playing with” food, and that this gives children real experience (as opposed to looking at pictures of food). At the same time, Club leaders understand that global food shortage is a concept more appropriately taught when older. “Waste” on the other hand, is appropriately taught by example at any level. Additionally, the Club sponsors Market’s vendors each week to build support for local farming and offers a novel way for parents, guardians, and friends to work with and teach their children about healthy food options.

Posted by Emily